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Premiering March 2022, the Yellow Legal Pad Project Part II will materialize as a digital humanities project that explains the law as an impressionable text awaiting its newest verse. This project weaves together contextual (historical) and theoretical (philosophical) methodologies. Bridging both the law that is and the future that ought to be, the Yellow Legal Pad Project focuses on the benefits of thinking about a subject from multiple vantages. Building on a synthesis of disciplines, this website will present law as an instrument that enunciates our rights, liberties, and freedoms within civic life. In the study of the legal system, we glean the porosity of the structure often recognized as permanent.

bringing legal/
political philosophy, history, theory and  humanities fields





When we tell law as a story, what role
do we,

as a people, play?

While some might presume law to entail a series of rules, this website will emphasize how it is instead a perpetually evolving tradition. In recognizing this germinative possibility, the project intends to explain the evolving state of its history and future to more people. If we do so, individuals might understand that they can transform the current status of the law. Overall, explaining precedents to a present audience ushers a vision for an enriched national discourse. 




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While we will premiere the Yellow Legal Pad Project Part II in March of 2022, here is a landing page to clarify the endeavor's intents. 



Once we launch, all interviews will be available on this website.

For Listeners:

  • Each interview will be fifteen minutes

  • Every interview will cover one book or two articles​

  • Any academic or legal terms will be explained on our website

For Interviewees:

  • The interviewer and interviewee will reach an agreement on the material (one book or two articles)

  • You will receive the interviewer's introduction and question five days in advance of the interview

  • The interview will take place over Zoom (video is optional), in a quiet area without interruptions, for a total duration of twenty minutes.

  • The general public is the main audience






The Yellow Legal Pad Project Part II launch party is in March of 2022.  The contact form is below.


The endeavor will bring together institutions, academics, and thinkers across countries. The Yellow Legal Project spans the lengths of political, social, and legal history/philosophy/theory. 

This project pertains to any person who thinks of law or politics as a distinct ruling power. This unmoving concept of law is far from the active process of civil rights. Governing systems present many more complex intricacies and possibilities. This website curates content to explain civic life’s changing picture.

Special Thanks:

Professor Michael Vorenberg of the Brown University History Department continues to advise this project sedulously throughout this process.

Ali Dipp is a student at both Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Before the Yellow Legal Pad Project, Dipp conducted over 100 audio interviews. Her interview experience comes from both the iHeartRadio show she cohosts (Pass of the North Radio Show—broadcasted over Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico) and Work Project (her first digital humanities project she directed). Connected to the nonprofit she founded with her sister nine years ago (Sunhouse Arts), the Yellow Legal Pad Project is the organization’s summer pursuit. 

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